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Hi, I'm Donna (Reed) Benevides, founder of Cape Cod Graphics. I provide businesses with solutions to their graphic and web design needs.


Cape Cod Graphics was founded in 2001, shortly after I had learned HTML and Photoshop. After designing and coding a few websites, I became so excited about the possibilites (invention of the printing press kind of excited) that I went back to college to major in information technology and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree.

Previously, I owned and operated Riverview Art Studio & Frame Shop in Taunton, Massachusetts, which was founded in 1991. I was an award-winning fine artist who gave art lessons to adults and children, offered archival framing services, sold fine art, accepted fine art commissions, and provided commercial art services to local businesses.


I believe in good design, that less is more, and that our eyes need white space to rest (white space doesn't have to be white, just calm). I believe that every problem has more than one solution. That's where creativity comes in. Creative solutions to problems, with good design and coding.

Fine Art Awards

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